While the best way to get to know Cory is to meet and talk to him, a brief timeline of his life and experiences is listed below.

Cory Mason is a fifth generation Racine native who was born in 1973 to Cory and Roseann. He attended grade school and received his First Communion at St. Sebastian’s Elementary School before attending Walden Middle School and Case High.

Before graduating from Case in 1991, Cory participated in Father Bruce Clanton’s Youth Ministry program and was confirmed at St. Paul’s Catholic Church. His participation in Father Clanton’s program inspired Cory to become a Project Manager with Habitat for Humanity before beginning college.

Cory served in Savannah, Georgia for Habitat for Humanity, which builds simple, decent housing together with families in need. He continued his commitment to public service and building strong communities throughout his college years.

Cory earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has since taken classes in labor relations and education policy.

Beginning in 1996, Cory got his first taste of politics here in Racine. He helped Kim Plache win the recall election after the state legislature implemented the stadium tax in Racine County. Since then Cory has worked across the State as an advocate on legal, environmental, education, and labor issues, most recently for the American Federation of Teachers (AFT-Wisconsin).

Cory met his wife, Rebecca Hoelter, in 2000. They were married four years later. After Rebecca’s graduation from the University of Wisconsin Law School, Cory and Rebecca moved home to Racine, where they own a home on Kinzie Avenue and plan to raise their family.

Cory currently serves on the advisory board for Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention, which researches and provides programs to help people quit smoking. Cory is an active board member of the River Alliance of Wisconsin and also serves as a commissioner to the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Racine, a position he was appointed to by Mayor Gary Becker.

Cory in the WI State Supreme Court at the age of eight.

Nurses and Health Professionals Endorse Mason

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – The Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, AFT, AFL-CIO has endorsed Cory Mason for the 62nd Assembly District.
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